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Chicka Magazine is back and better than ever! It'll now be every season, to summarize trends and things to come!

So let's talk about what stood out this summer! I noticed a lot of classic styles come back plus some gorgeous new ones:

- Retro flare pants

- Snake Print

- Net/oversized sweaters

- 60's/70's inspired looks like graphic tees!

- Wrap dresses ( the best )

A big thing that happened this summer is VSCO (and TikTok but that's another convo lol) I know the app has been around but it really blew up the past few months! Remember when you'd search "tumblr" for cute pics? Well now it's vsco! Seriously search it on Pinterest...so cute.

Along with that, beachy gals are a wholeeee trend in itself! Less makeup, beach waves, big/oversized outfits, can't get any better than that right? Best part about all these trends, they are very transitional! Love flare pants? Add a sweater and boots this fall! Or that cute wrap dress can be your next Autumn piece, just add a cardigan! 


Some big things also happened in our own company! I announced us starting a MOBILE boutique! And we are now offering JEANS and SHOES. omg! I also have new branding on the way for your packages like poly-mailers, stickers, pins, bumper stickers, and more! I am so beyond blessed in this business and it's all because of YOU! 

So if you took the time to read this, I so appreciate you. Enjoy 20% off a purchase now through August 1st with code "CHEERLEADERCHICKA"


P.S. don't forget to join the exclusive VIC group!